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Ron / President & CEO / Three Leaf Productions

We live a different world. COVID-19 has changed so much about how we do business and how we interact with each other. It’s never been more important to safeguard against harmful surface contaminants. At Three Leaf, we knew that we needed the right partner to help bring this important solution to our own customers, staff, and friends. System3 was always the right choice for us. It’s the right product. It does the job well and protects surfaces in a way that’s safe and environmentally-friendly. And, from a business perspective, the team at System3 has done so much to guarantee our success as a distributor. We made the right choice and we’re glad that we have a trusted partner to help us on the road ahead. 

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Sam Rice / VP of sales / Crucial Unlimited

Crucial Unlimited utilizes System 3 to protect our employees and guests in each of our repair stations. We apply System 3 with airless sprayers to treat large and small common areas, workstations, equipment, and aviation  components before and after their repair. System 3 is transparent, odorless when sprayed, and we’ve found it safe to use on all the surfaces we’ve tested, including carpets, plastics, vinyls, painted coatings, glass, metals, walls, and more. It requires little to no PPE when applying, and is ready for use right out of the bottle...so it saves us valuable labor dollars compared to our previous methods. I recommend System 3 without reservation for any application or surface you can touch!

Walt Griffin / Owner / Puroclean

In our continuing effort to improve the mold mitigation, and Covid-19 cleaning we do on a daily basis, we try a variety of chemicals so to determine which preforms the best. One month ago we were introduced to a new product, System3. What we discovered was not only is it easy and safe to use, but it placed a protective barrier on any surface we sprayed of fogged it onto and continues to kill viruses and bacteria after we’ve finished.  We, and along with our customers were amazed by this technology and will continue to use it on all Covid-19 cleanings and mold removals moving forward.

Kyle Peltier /

Stellar Industrial

System 3 has allowed us to adapt with our customers ever changing needs in real time.  This blend of chemicals created not only protects and sanitizes, but also builds confidence in our end users and their employees to safely return to work.  We as an organization stand behind the science and believe that System 3 will help bring normality back. 


Stellar Industrial is here to help and we look forward to getting through this together.




To offer a unique combination of exceptional strength

and ultra-safe chemistry that delivers both unsurpassed protection and unparalleled peace of mind.

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