Frequently asked questions

How do I apply System 3?

System 3 is the most versatile solution available! System 3 can be sprayed and wiped or left to dry, wiped on, used with an electrostatic sprayer, and fogged.

To what type of surfaces can System be applied?

At System 3, our motto is…if you can touch it, we can clean it! System 3 can be sprayed on virtually any surface from food prep stations to garments.

How do the active ingredients in System 3 work?

System 3’s patented non-leaching technologies work in systematic unison with one another. Once a surface or material is treated with System 3, System 3 forms a covalent bond with the substrate and creates a microbiostatic protective shield. This shield creates a bed of impenetrable spikes, each of which carry a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged particles. Once attracted, the protective layer of spikes provides continued protection to disrupt unwanted surface particles.

Is System 3 EPA and FDA registered?

System 3 is scientifically designed to comply with CDC and WHO requirements. System 3 only uses EPA-approved technologies!

Does System 3 need to be diluted?

System 3 does not need to be diluted or mixed. System 3 is, by design, an RTU or Ready-To-Use solution.

In what size containers is System 3 sold?

System 3 is available in 1-gallon containers, 4-gallon cases, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes, and full-size tankers.